Wednesday 24 October 2012

Slovenian TV and New Shop Items!!!

Ooooooh Hiya!!!
Just a quick one to update on a couple of bits and bobs on this chilly, rainy afternoon!!!
So currently there are a few new products available on my online shop....these include the 'Lucky Meow' cotton tote bags, embroidered shirts and also the 'Lucky Boobs' unisex T-Shirt is now back in stock weeeee! 
You can find all  of these and more by clicking HERE!!!!!
As I'm mentioned before there are more size variations that will be available coming soon! All items include FREE International P&P to all corners of the magical globe!
The new shirts titled 'SNACK ATTACK' and 'HELLO DOLLY' feature embroidery and applique detailing and of course plenty of sparkles!!! 
So here are a few snaps of the new items!!!!

In other news the exhibition that my work was showcasing at earlier in the month in Maribor was featured on national Slovenia TV... the wonderful team at Guestroom Maribor presented a retrospective of their hosted artists at Velika Kavarna/ Casino building in the centre of the city, featuring the works of 23 international participants of the is a cheeky shot of my pieces from my series 'The Hives of Lepi Spomini' putting in an appearance on the Slovenian telly.....
You can watch the full episode HERE (presented in Slovene only) which includes interviews with the curator, Maja, and one of their current artists in residence! with that it's back to the sewing machine.....I'm super excited as tomorrow I'm of to CH CH Czech out Prague.....wahhhhhhh can't wait.... looking forward to churches made of bones, honey cakes, dumplings, hot souvenirs etc etc..... As ever, I have still not packed, or dyed my hair...the usual situation!!!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxxx