Friday 20 December 2013

Amsterdam and Weaving up a Storm!!!!

Thought I would sneak in a final blog post of the year before I get caught up in the whirlwind of nut roast, crackers and sparkly lights that is known as Christmas!!!
So earlier this week I was in Amsterdam for a bit of a festive jaunt and to celebrate my birthday with some yummy stroopwafels, Dutch apple cake and of course a handful of GLORIOUS Vlaamse Frites!!!
I LOVE Amsterdam and my last couple of trips there over the years were work related and hectic so it was awesome to visit for 100% holidays and take some time to wander the canals, sneak in some shopping and roam around this lovely city!!!
Perfect timing to hit up the Christmas Market and I hope that my Dutch girls are proud that they taught me well as I trawled miles to grab the best Frites and Mayo in town!!!Lovely time of year to be there as the whole place was MEGA bejewelled with twinkly lights and everything felt magically festive!!!
Ooooooohhh and I just have to mention this little treasure on the left here.... my brother ( who is a magicallll furniture & product designer... you can check out his work with his collective, Psalt Design HERE!!) made  me a glorious hand crafted gift for my birthday.... a peg loom!!! Over the past couple of years I've dabbled in the occasional spot of weaving as part of my projects in Slovenia and Japan... mainly using a board loom and during my artist residency in Maribor I looked at the concept of utilizing the physical space as a platform for weaving upcycled textiles... so the idea of a peg loom is something I've been desperate to try out for a while!!!! So you can imagine my joy when he unleashed a sparkle encrusted box with this beauty and a bunch of rainbow coloured yarns!!!!
Super excited to get working on this~ I've started playing around and getting to grips with my lovely loom so can't wait to experiment with the possibilities!!!
Right so I will call it a day here now as there is a way over due Christmas cake to be baked that I really should have made weeks ago and some prezzie wrapping to be done!!! ... Can't wait for the festive activities to start.... personally I'm looking forward to some roasted chestnuts and a watch of 'Santa Claus the Movie'...can't beat a bit of Dudley Moore at Christmas!!!!
HAPPYYY HOLIDAYS AND JOYEUX NOËL~ Magical wishes akimbo for a Juicy Christmas and a glorioussss New Year!!!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxx