Wednesday 29 October 2008

Emma Bell SUPER SUPER Feature!!!

Bonjourrrrrrrr petit JAMBON!!!
Go out and check out a special 4 page Emma Bell feature including an interview in the eve of my recent showcase at fashion week in issue 13(OOOOOOH, number 13, unlucky for some!) of SUPERSUPER!!
READ ALL ABOUT IT....I ramble on about TURNIPS....Pat Butcher...and a dude with a ginger perm who worked in the CO-OP....HOT!!!

Also in the issue you can spot my stuff being worn on Nasplasha in "Get My Look"....have a peep!

ANDDDDDD If that wasn't enough of the EB, you can also see my rainmac in Namalee's shoot titled 'Choice'.....

Love and Chilli Heatwave Doritos,
Emma xxx

YES PLEASE to Disorder Magazine!

Yo Yo Yo......

So it's been a while as I've been mystically lost in on Venus eating Tescos' salt and Vinegar ricecakes...well, no not really...but YUM!In reality I've been working lots on the exciting Vauxhall event coming up next month which has involved, Ginsters, a taxi driver called Tony, snow at the Beefeater and an AMAZING PHOTOSHOOT....which will be unleashed very very soon!
So, Disorder magazine came in all their glory to my show at Fashion Week and did this amazing double page spread and a revealed a few EXCLUSIVO backstage shots!!!Have a little look.....I LOVE IT!!!
Check out Disorder magazine at
Love and Hollyoaks
Emma xxx

Friday 24 October 2008


oooh it's been a while....this is because Ive been working on a top secret project with VAUXHALL Motors as creative director of a VERY VERY VERY special event on the 17th November?!?!ooooh exciting...lots of weird and random bits and pieces going on...from cruising the aisles at a cash and carry in following a magical treasure map to find the HOTTEST music acts....and hitting up an AMAZING canteen where I ate some nice vegetable bake...with chips...and beans....oooh its all very mysterious?!!
read the speile and find out what is going down....

"Vauxhall Cars has joined forces with Hot fashion designer, Emma Bell, as seen on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, to create an extra special, phantasmagorical, candy encrusted evening of glitter, fashion, THE BEST music in town, art and frolics! Guarenteed to be the most excitingly extravagant and stylish drive of your life! Pencil the date in your diaries: MONDAY 17TH NOVEMBER! Tell me more I hear you ask???? WELL WATCH THIS SPACE FOR UPDATES, HOT OFF THE PRESS NEWS, AND TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN BE PART OF THE BEST PARTY IN TOWN!!! Clue: Come with an empty belly and your most spectacular outfit and prepared to be driven into the magical world of EMMA BELL and VAUXHALL!!!!!" WE WILL BE BRINGING YOU THE HOTTEST NAMES ALONG WITH SOME OF LONDON'S BRIGHTEST FASHION TALENT....on the edge of your driving seats and await the WORD!!!"

Like the sound of that bad boy do you?!
Go to
and ADD!!!There we will unleashing all the exciting goings on and tell you how YOU can get your mitts on the golden tickets for the EVENT OF DREAMSSS!
Remember the date...17th November..."Emma Bell's Vault for Vauxhall"!!!
Love and Brmmmm Brmmmmmm
Emma xxx

Tuesday 14 October 2008

What WGSN Has To Say....

Check out what WGSN, the World's leading online research, trend analysis and news service for the fashion and style industries, had to say when they attended my SS09 showcase at London Fashion Week!!!Ooooooh Juicy!!!

"Inspired by twisted fairytales including a magic tablecloth and a man with
super-strong teeth, as well as French Revolution decadence and debauched
banquets on a spaceship in a tropical galaxy, Emma Bell's latest collection
was guaranteed to be a visual feast.
With debaucherous wigs, clown-like makeup and curtains of glitter fringing
hung from their eyebrows, the unisex models were a cacophony of colour
and chaos. High-waisted candy pink hotpants, turquoise dungarees, and a
rainbow of playsuits with clashing bomber jackets, cut an overtly feminine
silhouette in waffled PVC with exposed zip details.
Cartoonish representations of gastronomic delight were crocheted
into garish dresses and shorts. A popcorn bucket was balanced
precariously as a hat, pizza slices and fried eggs transformed into bikinis
while a watermelon became shorts, and an entire dress depicted a banquet of
child-like treats."

Love and Mystical Banquets...
Emma xxxx


Yo Yo Yo......
So, New York Magazine Metier attended my show at London Fashion Week....READ ALL ABOUT IT! Hear what they have to say from the other side of the Atlantic...I especially liked Scottee's reference to being likened to a cross dressing CHERUB!!!A cherub?!?!!?!?I love it!!!

"Stephen Meisel shot an editorial for Vanity Fair Fashion Rocks where about 20 models dressed as ravers gathered to celebrate cult fashion. Emma Bell and all her mignons would have fit perfectly in that photo. From the start with a witty little video of a cross dressing cherub to the vinyl parade of pastels, each piece had a story. Sitting next to three mature blondes that looked like they would enjoy a tea at the Savoy over a fried egg bikini top – I overheard gasps and giggles with the never ending statement of “that’s amazing” so yes it is true, while one may not don pink vinyl bloomers, it’s still nice to see London recognizing originality and embracing it’s Soho roots."
-Lynn Furge

Love and Rubens,
Emma xxxx

JODIE HARSH Wearing a Knitwear BUFFET!

Salut my little cupcakes......

At the weekend Jodie Harsh rocked the Emma Bell SS09 knitted food dress to the Pink Ribbon Ball at the Dorchester.....It looked hot....a total optical, woolly buffet of dreamzzz....YES PLEASE!!!!
Feast your eyes on the delights!!!!
OOOh what a gourmet banquet!!!
You can check out Jodie's website:
And her magical myspace:

Love and Toodlepips,
Emma xxxx

Friday 10 October 2008

The Chain of Events.....And a Smashed Nail-Varnish!

Hi There, Hi There...
I just thought that I would write about the weird culmination of events yesterday....First off, I spent the day working on a very very very special project that I am currently directing!Ooohhhh this space I say!oooh the intrigue!
So then myself and Alexis trotted off into town, after a dilemma over whether or not the number 8 bus was in fact quickest...It need not have mattered as some kind of rumour of a fire near Oxford Street hindered our plans in getting to the destination...that asshole, 'Dollar' in the shop next door also had to pipe up en route! Our first port of call was to the Sugarbabes album launch at the JCDC store which tied in also with an extra special catwalk show of his SS09 optical treat I say!!!The next link in the chain saw us befriending a policeman at Shepherds Bush station.....the station is open again now after months of having to rely on the Pink line....its all shiny and new.....well, it was until, in my mission to change my shoes, i dropped my bag on the floor and an array of sparkly, salmon pink nail varnish cascaded out of the SUPER FIT BUT SICK Sugarbabes bag onto the nice new floor...I so wanted to use that bag for a trip to the shops....anyway, I think the policeman was so distraught over the whole spectacle and after listening to us debate whether or not a pre-packed sandwich from 'Londis' was substantial or dirty.....quickly got on his magical radio to get us directions.....must have thought we were a couple of imbeciles!!!
So our next rendezvous was with the amazing voice of Sia which was hot to trot....she is one of my favourites EVER....and she even has a gold sparkly Emma Bell dress lurking in her wardrobe that I gave to her on her last tour!!!ooooh special! That was fun and there was lots of hot boys there!!!Minus the one arsehole sitting in front of us who caused a right performance and also provided cheap entertainment!
The evening didn't end there....after watching a girl squatting on Brick Lane eating mayonnaise off the pavement...we went for a magical curry....Alexis' was not gourmet, but mine was...I do love a bit of Sag Aloo Paneer.....YES PLEASE!!! We then haggled the bitches down for discount and loved their special chocolates so much they gave us several more...I loved it...
Then, on the bus home we encountered a boy with very small feet who was wearing velveteen ruby slippers...that was have to love a boy wearing velvet shoes....actually, no, it's gross!!!
Love and Sunflower Seeds,
Emma xxx

Thursday 9 October 2008

Emma Bell on DAZED DIGITAL!!!

Guten Tag!!!
Have a little peep at a JUICY bit of TROPICAL EMMA BELL action on PLEASE! Backstage antics at my show at London Fashion Week for Spring Summer 09.....
Love and Tomato Soup,
Emma xxxx

Namalee Performing in EMMA BELL!!!

Photo by Dangershark.

Yo Yo Yo.....check it out!
It's Namalee whacking out some tunes wearing the pink Emma Bell Lederhosen skirt!!!HOT TO TROTTTTTTTTT!!!
Love and Coco-Pops,
Emma xxxx

Monday 6 October 2008


So not so long ago in a town far, recently Channel 4 saw the ever so lovely Namalee starring in a Bright New Wonder film.....wearing a cheeky bit of Emma Bell!!!~Yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!You can imagine how excited I was when I spotted this beaut!!!Anyway check out the scrumptious delight for yourself and keep and eye out for my sparkletastic "Pat Sharp" jacket and the pink "Bingo Caller"!!!!

You can check out her myspace also!!!
Goodnight and God Bless Bitches,
Emma xxxx