Tuesday 9 December 2014


Hello from festive Seoul!!!
Been meaning to share this picture for a while now of super talented UK stylist and designer, Twinks Burnett wearing my embellished leotard from my 'Hives of Lepi Spomini' collection. The piece was designed as part of my wearable art series produced whilst based in Slovenia working as part of the 'GuestRoom Maribor' artist residency project.
I absolutely love Twinks' vision as it's so colourful and magical... so I was SUPER happy when she called in my pieces for an awesome shoot!!!
The fruits of this rainbow fandango are still under wraps....but I look forward to unleashing these beauties as the shoot was totalllllly dreamy and of course as gloriously colourful as you can imagine it would be!!!
So keep those eyes peeled and in the meantime check out her wonderful work: www.twinksburnett.com 
Love and Sparkles!
Emma xxx