Tuesday 21 October 2014


Good Morning from rainy Seoul!!
So just a quick one as it's been a while since I last blogged and wanted to share these photos that I've been meaning to post for ages! 
'Splashing Around' was a one off garment that I designed exclusively for the LLL+ boutique over in Kuala Lumpur! The Lah'Lah'Land crew kindly sent me over these snaps of Xiao Lin Zi at their Sungei Plaza store!
The piece itself is made from printed, super shiny vinyl complete with quilted PVC collar and cotton trimmings~loved creating this piece so I'm glad that it found a good home!!!
So here are a couple of snaps for you to have a peep at!! 
Lots to update on so I will get around to will post some more snaps of recent adventures and some rainbow snaps of a recent shoot very soon~!!!!! Don't forget, if you are in KL you can check out my stuff at LLL+!!!