Friday 27 November 2009

Just a bit of Juiciness!!!

Oohhh hello there!!!
Just swinging on by to share with you some truly scrumptious bits and pieces from this week!!!
Muchos gracias for all of the lovely write-ups and thoughts on Spring Summer 10 guys!LOVE THEM!!!
You can have a squizz at the ever so tropical JoBot's mystical musings for 'BangBangBerlin' by clicking HERE!!!
OOOH and you can check out what Fashion and Arts hot spot 'Prendas Publicas' had to say on my latest collection, in Spanish, by clicking HERE!!!
Get a bit of Google translate in th
e mix!!

'Kingdom of Style' is one of my favourite blogs that I love to keep an eye on and I was super chuffed at the lovely things they had to say!!woooeee!!!
You can have a peep at this bad boy by clicking HERE!!!
oOOOOOOOHHHHH and last but not least....LOVE this feature on the awesome platform that is 'IM//UR'....check it out HERE!!! there you are...just like to keep you in the loop 'innit!!!
Have a mega juicy weekend!!!
Love and Jellytots!

Wednesday 25 November 2009

Kleine Zeitung and NO MORE ROOTS!!!

oOOHHH iyyyya!!!!
Just thought I would show you this little feature with some of my SS10 in on the action...This is from Austria's 'Kleine Zeitung' Sunday culture magazine! Woop!
In other news...I finally tended to my horrific roots today...and then dyed my hair turquoise! It's been pink for a several weeks I was excited to deviate onto another shade for a little while...
Oh and while I am here.....

I LOVE these new Irregular Choice numbers....they go by the name of 'High Flyer' and they're a pretty good match with this week's hair...they are super juicy....I need them in my!
Love and Toodlepipssss,

Gazelland Woooo!

I was 100% excited when the lovely Gazelle invited me to whip my stuff into his awesome NYC based magazine, Gazelland! I can't wait for my super juicy copy winging its way all the way from the Big Apple!!Wooo!
It's available on newsstands now!! Or on digital download HERE!!!
oOOH and don't forget to check out Gazelle's blog HERE!!!
Love and Apples,

Sunday 22 November 2009


So a few weeks ago we shot my SS10 lookbook over in beautiful Vienna! Here are a few cheeky images from the shoot for your perusal!!!
I worked with an awesome team! Thanks guys!
Also, for the first time, you can see the results of my magical collaboration with dye genius, Pebelle! The two hand-dyed dresses that you can see were created out of intricately dyed textiles lovingly made by Pebelle! The dyed hosiery were also created by Pebelle in collaboration with SS10. You can also see a couple of pairs of Celeste Stein tights thrown into the mix too!
Photographer: Wolfgang Steiner
Hair and Make-up: Nadja Hluchovsky
Models AMT Agency: Elisabeth Resch and Harriet Crosby
Here is a bit of spiel about SS10 just so you are in the know!!!

Emma Bell SS10 collection concentrates on a fabricated exploration of kaleidoscopic eruption and nostalgic mixed-media combining the traditional craft techniques of quilting, tie dye and embroidery. A collaboration of textile development from knitted yarns to plastics encapsulating the underlying plethora of muses including British boxing, influences taken from involving myself in Austria, hand-dyeing, Victorian Porn and it’s representation of the female form fuelled by the balance of ‘order meets disorder’ taken from the playright ‘Arcadia.’

So there you go! Hope you like the new images and have a lovely Sunday!!!
Love and Yorkshire Puddings!!!

Saturday 21 November 2009

Magical Potion....It's Notion!!!

As you know NOTION is one of my favourite magazines on the is a juicy sneak preview of what's in store in the upcoming issue number 43! Oohh wowzers...check out my knitted bikinis that feature in this awesome shoot styled by superstar Notion fashion editor, Miss Alexis Knox!!! Oohh I just can't wait to see them in their glossy glory in the next action packed issue which will be unleashed very soon!!!
In other news....I churned out a few words this week for their wonderful website...PLANET can go read all the juicy gossip about my trip back to the 80's by:

Love and Leprechauns,

Friday 20 November 2009

Beth Jeans Houghton...behind the scenes!

Guten Taggg!!!
Last week I unleashed some sneaky pictures from Beth Jeans Houghton's magical NME feature in which she was wearing my stuff! Awesome stuff!! Well, she just sent me a couple of her own pics which were snapped behind the scenes at the shoot! Here she is sporting some of my wares!!! Wooop!!!
And don't forget...if you havent already checked out her amazing musical are the links!!!
ooh and check out her phantasmagorical video 'I will Return'!!!

Love and Ribena,
Emma xxxxx

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Doe Deere and Lime Crime!!!

images courtesy of
Afternoon Pops!
So I wanted to take a moment to talk all about the creative genius and superstar business woman that is Doe Deere! As the Director and founder of her very own exclusive make-up brand 'Lime Crime', It was a pleasure to work with her when I was over in New York a few months back working on the NYC Against HIV
Lime Crime is a juicy, rainbow selection of AMAZING eye shadows c
alled 'Magic Dust' and spectacular high pigment Lipsticks in lots of incredible colours from 'No She Didn't' to 'Airbourne Unicorn'. I love it all!!!!

Above is an image from one of her collaborations on a shoot with Audrey Kitching!
Ooh and you can also see the plethora of goodies nicely arranged for a contrived photo that I took! She gave me a lovely bag full of magical eyeshadows and glitters!!! My favourites are the Elf and Empress shades, they are amazing!!! I am forever on a mission to find colours that last forever and are super opaque...I have finally found them in Lime Crime!
What's even better is that she ships internationally from her online store all the way over in New York/another Galaxy!!!
CLICK to go check them out HERE!!!!
On top of all that this multi-talented ladyyy also hosts a great online zine full of lots of pretty things and make-up tutorials!!!
CLICK HERE for Doe Deere's lovely Zine!!!!
ANDDDD......if that wasn't enough....check out her magic music available on i-tunes or check out the myspace!!!
Ok...and that's that!!! This stuff totally gets my stamp of approval and I think her creative vision is awesome....I look forward to working with her again and creating some magic!!!
Love and Sparkles!

Monday 16 November 2009

Where to Buy???Stockist Links!!!

my stuff in the Irregular Choice Store-New York!!!
Just wanted to give you a juicy update of some sparkling links of where you can buy my stuff as many of you are always asking!!! As you know....there are always several projects on the here are various links to lots of my stuff that is current
ly available at retail!!!
Ok....above as you can see....are some of my delights on offer at the 'I
rregular Choice Store' in New York at 276 Lafayette....rainmacs, Pat Butcher jackets galore!!!!

Above is some of my knitwear currently available at lovely Tokyo based boutique,
Luke and Stella! Visit them online..!!!


Shrinking Violet in Bristol also have a few juicy pieces from gold lame dresses and printed raincoats!!!wooo! Rock down to Park Street or go check out their lovely website!!!

Other clothing stockists include; DROME Liverpool, SKIRT Newcastle and Supersweet!!!
Various products are available from other projects....

My extra special handbags from my collaboration with Helen Rochfort are also available!!! For both sales and buyers enquiries please go to...
CLICK FOR HELEN ROCHFORT COLLABORATION!!! exclusive artwork for the 'Pretty Taxing' project in association with Vauxhall and The Art Car Boot Fair is currently available at Damien Hirst's London Boutique, 'OTHER CRITERIA'!!!
CLICK HERE FOR OTHER CRITERIA!!! that's all from me!!!
Love and Toodle Pips!!!

In Black and White.....

image left:Jurgen Hammerschmid image right: Herod McHugh
So as I've said before....I like seeing my stuff in black and I'm so accustomed to living in rainbow world!So above is a black and white shot from my recent show at Vienna Fashion Week by Jurgen Hammerschmid. Click here to see his work! The one on the right is a lovely image by Herod McHugh from backstage at my AW09 London Fashion Week show!
Ermmmm thats all I wanted to say really!!!
Love and Muffins

Friday 13 November 2009

NME: Beth Jeans Houghton!!!

Oooh iya!
Beth Jeans Houghton is one of my favourite people right now!!! Not only has she been hailed "a legend in the making" by NME, she is also a fellow northerner, hailing from Newcastle like me! Beth and her magical band, The Hooves of Destiny, present an awesomely special indie/ folk extravaganza.
Go and sample the delights:
Beth's Myspace!!!!!!!
Oohhhh and feast your eyes on her website....
She has a juicy feature in this week's NME...and not only can see a little hint of her rocking a bit of Emma Bell SS09 in her portrait! See above!! Yay, I was super excited that she chose to wear my robes!!!
Love and Lederhosen

Monday 9 November 2009

Just random.....

Oohhh iyyya!!!
So I'm ill.....and have lost my voice. I sound like a man. But....I thought I would unleash a few random pictures etc from a few exploits!!

So you can and Alexis were collared after my show at Vienna Fashion Week and here are the two PUFFYCAKESSS with Erich, who is a celebrity hairstylist in Austria and has his own social column!So here we are in Wien Live Magazine!
In other news...some of my fellow Artist in Residence crew threw a special event at the Subotron store for a collaborative project called SUGAR lead by Heather Kelley... It marked the preview of her computer game teamed with special aromas that are triggered by computer data....I'm not even going to attempt to explain's all too technical for me!

It was snowing...I forgot my camera in the thanks to Moboid for the pics and also for the AMAZING cake!!!

While I'm here....obviously we just had Halloween.....Cara and I decided to make her an impromptu dress for the occasion.....

As you can see....we also had a glitter drama!!!!I do love a good carpet of glitter!!!
Ok....So I am going to leave you with a random selection of photos from Whirlers Central.....its Lemsip time....

Ok, over and out...
Love and Lemsip,