Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Kleine Zeitung and NO MORE ROOTS!!!

oOOHHH iyyyya!!!!
Just thought I would show you this little feature with some of my SS10 in on the action...This is from Austria's 'Kleine Zeitung' Sunday culture magazine! Woop!
In other news...I finally tended to my horrific roots today...and then dyed my hair turquoise! It's been pink for a several weeks I was excited to deviate onto another shade for a little while...
Oh and while I am here.....

I LOVE these new Irregular Choice numbers....they go by the name of 'High Flyer' and they're a pretty good match with this week's hair...they are super juicy....I need them in my!
Love and Toodlepipssss,

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Helle Navratil said...

Ohh, I just love theese shoes! Ive got the Green Oz ones when I was i London! I just have to say that you are such an inspiration and the clothes is so lovable!