Monday 1 November 2010

Rocking Around Japan and Making Paper Stuff!!!

I've been embroiled in lots of paper action, hence me taking forever to update on the goings on and gossip!
Post Akari Art Exhibition in which, my mystical unicorn made it's debut,
I've been cracking on with my new pieces of work which will be exhibited here in Japan as of December! It's been busy times in the studio working on my latest shizzz and it's all fun! Really loving being able to work with so many new materials and produce something really different...of course there's still glitter involved!
In between rocking out my project, I've also been getting up to all sorts from a couple of papermaking workshops, a lantern making sesh and helping churn out a cheeky catwalk at a local school! It's all fun and games!!!
There's also been a couple of adventures in the mix...we went on a mission to another town in Japan called Shirakawago which was amazing and also I hit up the Aichi Triennale 2010 to check out some of the art currently displayed in the festival that's spread right across Nagoya! I fell in love with the work of Pip and Pop, a duo from Australia...seriously the stuff dreams are made of!!!Of course trips to Nagoya also meant I got to do some shopping!!!
So I will leave you with a select few photos from my latest exploits....there's a bunch more on my photo diary blog which is HERE!!!!

Some latest Japanese press...I don't have a scanner excuse the shady photos!!!

The amazing Pip and Pop....

Love and Sushi,