Tuesday 30 June 2009


Ahoy there!!!
oooh, it seems like ships are becoming
a regular feature....although this story involves an actual (pirate) ship and not a knitted woolly one!!!
On Thursday, Hayley and I (after weeks of anticipation!) hit Big Brother starlets, Sam and Amanda's 21st Birthday party....the bash was held on a boat sailing up and down the Thames! Party central!!!

The promise of candyfloss and cupcakes was almost too much to handle as we climbed on board and sailed to sea!
The girls are two of my favourite people since they took to the catwalk with little dogs in hand at my last show at Fashion Week!!! (They rocked the banana intarsia knitwear for Autumn/Winter 09 with matching white terriers....and super hot De Havilland's on their feet!)
Anyway back to the bash...in keeping with the party theme, the girls both wore pale peachy pink dresses which matched the lovely cupcakes that were broug
ht by Bakeaboo!!! Might I just add....the cupcakes were AMAZING!!! Check out:

We were also incredibly excited to get ourselves a couple of glitter tattoos!!! I ended up with a little cat and an armful of roses courtesy of the awesome Jinny Rainbow....www.jinnyrainbow.com

Ok....I'm not going to lie...the guests were pretty awesome too.....obviously with my obsession with reality TV and my daily homage to Heatworld and the likes.....I was particularly excited by the appearances of the Shipwrecked crew.....the plethora of Big Brother dudes....ooh and how could I forget,Callum Best!

Yes....so we had the BEST time ever!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!!!
Love and Cupcakesss!!!

Sunday 21 June 2009

Mystical Sparkle Pony!!!

Oooh iyya!
So, as you know...I love ANYTHING that sparkles.....so my pilgrimage to cop an eyeful of a mystical twinkly pony was a treat and a half....
I first went to visit the horse a few years ago so I was super pleased to see it was being exhibited again!

This equine glitterfest is courtesy of Stella McCartney and is made of 8000 individual Swarovski glass crystals and is titled "Lucky Spot" and is currently on display up in a ruined castle in Belsay! It's set in magical fairy forests....oooh very nice! It is based on Stubb's 'Whistlejacket' painting...(which Rael and I recently clocked at the National Gallery and got excited as we liked the name and thought we would like a pair of matching jackets made of a million silver whistles!)

There you go...APPRECIATE the sparkle pony.
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxx

Wednesday 17 June 2009

Special Stylin' Little Boots!!!

Ooohh iyyya!!!
I do like Little Boots.lots....she's awesome! So I was very excited when me and puffy extraordinaire Alexis Knox got to style her for issue 39 of Notion Magazine....(it's in the shops now, so go and whip one in!)
There it is above y'all so you can have a squizz....
And credits as followzzz...
Art Direction: Liam Gleeson
Photography: Stefan Sieler
Styling: Emma Bell and Alexis Knox
Make Up: Michelle Webb
and super star magical assistants: Emma Box and Lucie Wilde
Also....just to add...I also lacerated my finger pretty badly that day....on a rogue UFO lurking in the bottom of a satchel of doom....ouch....waterfalls of blood 'innit!
Love and Candyfloss,


Can I get a REWINDDDD?!

Ok...so bit of a delayed responso here....but finally here is the lovely Suki wearing my stuff from my SS09 show in Super Super Magazine....a couple of issues ago, but better late than never?!
Ooohhh Look of the Month?! I would like to go out looking like that EVERY day!
Love and Coco Pops,

Clash like a Mashed Potato!

Oooooh iiiyya!!!
So it's super hectic right now....but I wanted to take a few moments to show you one of my latest pieces of press....as I LOVE this image!
Stylist, Biki John recently used a bit of the Bell for her shoot for 'Clash' Magazine!
Photographed by Emma Engvist, some pieces were used from my SS09 collection as part of a feature on Paris based musical duo, 'The Do'.
Personally, I think this band are pretty awesome! Bringing a pop/hip-hop/gypsy aural treat with a whimsical, fairytale twist....they rock like a clock!!!!wooo!
Above you can see Olivia sporting my hand sequined, pink heart quilt jacket!!!
Check the band out....www.thedo.info
Oooh also today I had the delight of Le Mindu dedicating a special song to me during his super hot, gourmet radio appearance today....'ATC-Around the World'....YES PLEASEE! I LOVVVEE IT!!!
Love and Getting Troppy,

Monday 15 June 2009

A Knitted Boat and Brussel Sprouts!

Ahoy there!!!
I would totally LOVE to be a Pirate....I would have a pet parrot called Sebastian....
This weekend whilst up in the old hometown, I decided to get nautical and go and visit a mystical woollen ship that I heard about on the regional n
I do LOVE a nice bit of knitwear as you all know...so when I heard about this corker of a knitted boat, I just had to hot foot it over to South Shields to have a cheeky peek!

Textile designer Ingrid Wagner hopped onboard as lead artist and this big, fat amazing community project unleashed itself! The project "Casting Off...A Coat for a Boat!" was created with the help of contributors hailing from the region as well as internationally and the support of The North East Maritime Trust. The delight was developed through a string of social knitting sessions (a bit like the ones we saw in whipping up my food dress-with a can of cider in hand!) and recycled bedsheets donated from Northgate Hospital Laundry.
I think the concept is AWESOME....and I was so im
pressed when I visited it! I wish I could have whipped up a starfish or two!!! :(
So anyway....have a gander at some pictures that I took....

Yes I want to be a mermaid and set sail on the woolly boat. Please.

If you are up in the North East, I would say you should DEFINITELY go and pay the ship of dreams a visit...super impressive! You can get yourself along to the Customs House www.customshouse.com or if you are down south, you can wait until October and see the boat at Alexandra Palace as part of The Knitting and Stitching Show... www.twistedthread.com
Ohh yah....and the experience was topped off with lunch on the seafront in which they served me the veggie option-Lasagna with brussel sprouts.....errm nice.
Check out Ingrid's work....it's amazing.mucho respecto!
Love and a Golden Octopus!
Emma xxx

Wednesday 10 June 2009

Ginger Pigs, Teal Locks and Bubble Tea!

Ooohhhh IYYYAAA!!!!
Ok....just a few random stuffsss as the past couple of weeks have been super busy.....working on a plethora of bizarre projects including listening to
a bunch of people singing "Aint no stopping us now" (ON REPEAT EEEEK!), Regina Spektor and an abundance of photoshop.....there was also an incident involving a flood in the corner shop downstairs...."I'm going to KILL YOU...Bitch" just about sums that whole fandango up!!!!
Aside from that I am tropically happy to have reverted back to my Bu
bble Tea ways recently....The milk that the dudes seem to use tastes kind of sick...and not SICK in a good way....in honesty I just like choking on the Sago pearls and seeing which pot luck plastic lid I'm going to get....as you can see above...I was dealt a right corker last week!
Also in the mix was a magical day of London farm visiting...I wanted to visit the ginger pigs....but the temperatures were unbelievably exotic that day so they were just lounging around being lazy and rolling around in shit.

This month has also seen two magical hair colours....to avoid passport dramas when flying last month I went back to blonde...so my first mission upon return was to whip in some rainbow action....First was pink....then turquoise...my two favourite colours (well I also love yellow, it's the colour of lemons and Lemon Meringue Pie is my all time favourite dessert.)....
Here are the latest colours over the past couple of months....get yourself to Dalston and embrace the Pantone actionnnnn......FYI prepare to be asked by children on the bus if you are wearing a wig.

Love and Beans on Toast,
Emma xxxxx