Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Special Stylin' Little Boots!!!

Ooohh iyyya!!!
I do like Little Boots.lots....she's awesome! So I was very excited when me and puffy extraordinaire Alexis Knox got to style her for issue 39 of Notion Magazine....(it's in the shops now, so go and whip one in!)
There it is above y'all so you can have a squizz....
And credits as followzzz...
Art Direction: Liam Gleeson
Photography: Stefan Sieler
Styling: Emma Bell and Alexis Knox
Make Up: Michelle Webb
and super star magical assistants: Emma Box and Lucie Wilde
Also....just to add...I also lacerated my finger pretty badly that day....on a rogue UFO lurking in the bottom of a satchel of doom....ouch....waterfalls of blood 'innit!
Love and Candyfloss,



Emma Box said...

i forgot you hurt your finger!

Charleston said...

spectrums of glitter in those little boots of hers, thanks to your fabulous outfit of course. x