Monday 25 November 2013

NEW 'Blue Truckers' Digital Print!!!

Ooooh Hiya!!!
So recently I have been working on some new digital artwork to accompany my 'Tales from Blue Truck Island' project that I produced during my artist residency in Korea earlier this year. As you know the project involved a long term stay in a little, yellow bungalow on a remote and incredibly isolated, rural island called Baengyneong which sits in a somewhat precarious location in the middle of the Yellow Sea.... During my time there I was focused on conducting a lot of field research and seeking of influence from the special people, situations and experiences that I had through living as part of the Baengnyeongdo community... photography and illustration were a part of my daily journaling and research projects and as a result I have since been developing a piece of digital artwork that sits alongside the series of work that I developed in Korea. It features all sorts of elements taken from the themes and topics that I was exploring throughout my project... you can see the noisy roosters outside of the studio that cock-a-doodle-doed 24 hours a day... the corncobs that the Grandma in my favourite little, village grocery store used to give me and of course the Spring cherry blossoms in my neighbour's garden that I waited in anticipation for, for many chilly weeks and finally bloomed in my last few days on the island!!!
A few snaps from my island life days of beans on toast, giant spider dodging, starfish hunting and pebble beach, countryside adventures...

....The piece is titled 'Blue Truckers' and as you can see the print features on some brand new, limited edition T-shirts that are now available on my online shop!!! Yayyyy!! It's a one size fits all scenario~ high colour, full digital print on super soft cotton, a juicy over-sized piece and the garment is both printed and made in the UK!!! 
Also the online shop has had a bit of a revamp in time for some tinsel covered Christmas shopping~ bit of a switch up with a few items too and it's now got a whole new look and plenty of rainbow colours going on!!!! It's also more easy to navigate for smartphone and ipad users meaning it's super simple to place an order with your device woooooo!!!
So that's all for now~
Be sure to trot through cyberspace to check out the new 'Blue Truckers' piece!!!
Love and Sparkles,