Friday 27 June 2008

Pigeons.....and juicy photoshoots!!!

Ni Hao!!!!That's Chinese dont you know!!!
"Pigeons" Magazine launched earlier this week and some of my collection was featured in a super gourmet photoshoot titled "Colour Me In" by photographer Rai Royale and Stylist Justine Josephs.....
I LOVVVEEEEE these images!!!!!
Have a little peep!!!
Love and Sparkles,


Buy Emma Bell at Shrinking Violet!!!Internationally!

Morning campers!!!
One of my favourite shops, Shrinking Violet in Bristol, has just received a delightful delivery of some key pieces from my SS08 can now get your hands on the plastic-fantastic Flamingo AND Rainbow Rainmacs, the super sparkly gold "PJ and Duncan" dress as seen on the front cover of "The Crack" magazine and on the catwalk at London Fashion Week....and the mouthwatering Picnic Print cardigans and sweaters as flaunted on the TV show SKINS!!!!
For those of you who live in Bristol, you can pop into this corker of a store and meet the amazing rainbow-esque Queenie, and try on the goodies....she makes a lovely cup of tea!!! BUT for those of you in Timbuktu, or wherever you may be....they post internationally...and they also sell online!
If you want to trot along...
Shrinking Violet,
20 Park Street,
Tel: (+44) 0117 9294566

Thursday 26 June 2008

Miggy rocking the Pat Butcher!!!

Hiya, my little treasures!
Thought I would share a sneak preview of a photoshoot in which a few bits and pieces from my AW08 collection were recently used!
Super special model, Miggy, took prize pieces including the "Pat Butcher" out on the streets of East London, dodging kebabs and rampant revellers in a shoot with photographer Stani Boniecki (whose work has graced the pages of Vice Magazine and Dazed and Confused....mega hot!!!)
You can also swing on down to Miggy's blog on Fashion TV to keep up to date with her latest antics...
Ch ch check out the result below!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxx

Eddie and his magical camera!!

Guten Tag! (woooo check out my multi-lingual expertise!!)
So myself and photographer Eddie Blagbrough worked on a photoshoot recently which involved magical projections of phantasmagorical items including glitter and gummy bears on a chilly Camden rooftop terrace! Candyfloss pink bondage tape, 'How to Look Good Naked' and a fur coat.....
With thanks to our amazing model Yuri and make up artist Mel Lee.....
Ooooooh on another exciting note...a semi-hot UPS man delivered a big, fat, juicy parcel this morning full of some of the extra special fabrics that I have lined up for my SS09 extravaganza of a collection! I can not wait to crack those bad boys out!!!YES PLEASE!!!!
Get your chops around a couple of the beauts below!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxx

Instant Mash, Knitting Needles and Wild Dogs....

Today saw a hardcore knitting session in my kitchen complete with getting to grips with circular needles and plying the knit bitches with bowls of instant mash and mint sauce....yum....if that is not gourmet then I do not know what is?!
Then came the arrival of a new housemate....a HUGE dog....who appears to be residing here until Sunday....I hate dogs...especially big I'm hardly throwing a "Welcome Mr. Labrador" bash....also the dog keeps staring at me in a menacing manner...I think he hates me....
The pinnacle came when Rael made his entrance into the house...the dog went wild, barking, and almost pinning poor Rael to the wall with his claws of steel.....not hot....I would actually die!
The dog was not invited to join in on the knitting action, however we are getting some great pieces whipped up for SS09....I only like cats...especially my cat....little Tango...he's ginger and amazing!
Emma xxx

Tuesday 24 June 2008

Craig David, glitter glue and the BBC...

Hello there cupcakes....
Just thought I would whip out a brief bit of speile on what Ive been up to and what delights are festering in the sparkling pipeline etc....
So the main thing going on at the moment is the work in progress of my SS09 collection which Im really excited about and makes me feel really much so I often experience a wave of some magical tricks up my sleeve!!!!!
Alongside that Ive been getting involved in several exquisite little projects which is really fun and good for spreading the old wings....from making some super embellished headpieces for the lurking around in Gnarls Barkley's wardrobe (which also allowed a cheeky peep at Craig David...) to waking up to find myself in bed with a million sequins and glitter following a little assignment with ITV! Not to mention a few photoshoots that are soon to be unveiled!!!
So it's all fun and games....Monopoly being one of my favourites.
Love and Sparkles
Emma xxxx

Monday 23 June 2008

Tofu, bears and Chinese

This weekend saw a special visit from my friend Gloria who I met whilst jaunting around China and Hong Kong just before Christmas time! We took her out....had party times and she came laden with Hello Kitty gifts and about a million sachets of "Crazy Tea"....
Ok, If we can just rewind a my trip to the Far East seemed to get over shadowed by festive times up collections....and my show....and then before you know it you are left with a bundle of travel journals and funny stories etc....
So basically in need of a holiday, some juicy inspiration for my next design endeavors, and to snap up the opportunity to get to grips with how the production industry etc works out there I packed my little, well actually its pretty big and kind of sick and NOT GOURMET, backpack and set off for Beijing!
I spent some time trotting around Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai which was quite an experience....probably the hardest place I have ever travelled (which surprised me as previous fiascos have included Indian roadside 'toilets' ,tarantulas,
hairbrush attacks and fainting on boats)....the language barrier and being a vegetarian was one corker of a nightmare!I wont bore you with every detail of my Chinese adventure as I would easily chat for hours but, I shall tempt you with a few choice highlights....cockroaches on kebab sticks...throwing apples at bears....whipping to the Great Wall, copping a spy of Chairman Mao's corpse....oh it was indeed a tropical treat!
A hefty portion of my trip was spent lurking around Guangzhou in Southern China....this gave me an opportunity to spend days trawling around the plethora of fabric markets finding the most incredible fabrics I have ever encountered, doing some hardcore waving gold cat shopping and seeing how the cogs turn in the east.....
Love and Sparkles
Emma xxx

Friday 20 June 2008 a magic cheeky monkeys!!!

Yo Yo the banjo.....myself and super hot stylist Miss Alexis Knox recently worked on a treat of a photoshoot for Notion Magazine's exclusivo fashion supplement to be unleashed at Bread and Butter tradeshow in Barcelona next involved transforming pretty people into human dollies...dressing up in Emma Bell and hectic rope swinging antics!The amazing Charlie Le Mindu whipped out some incredible hair action....make-up by the magic Mel Lee....Eddie Blagbrough churned out some click click photo treats and our models were the super special Rosie and Rael!!!!
Here's a juicy little optical feast of a sneak preview.....
Emma xxx

Buy Emma Bell at Luke and Stella!!!!

Bonjour Peachypops!!!
You can now get your juicy mitts on some of my magical picnic print knitwear as seen sashaying down the catwalk of London Fashion well as flaunting it's stuff on super hot UK TV show SKINS.......visit
Also up for grabs is the phantasmagorial candyfloss pink, super sparkly "Bundle of Delights" handbag......
Have a peep's the ever so lovely Bea from Luke and Stella sporting Emma Bell!!!!!

Sooooo.....trot on down to, get yourself into the brands section and whip out a purchase!!!!!!
Emma xxxx

Hello and Welcome to my new hot website!!!

Heyyyyy Twinkletoes!!!!
so wooooo....I have my first website....which has been a long time coming but now seemed the most apt time to do it when I have a lot of exciting things going on!!!
Also, as you can see, VOILA.....I now have this blog which I will be using to keep everyone up to date on any magical news, nonsense ramblings, top secret gossip...which I guess will then not be top secret gossip once I've paraded it on here....but anyway.....
So yeah......keep rocking back to my website...and visit the pineapple disco....just to plug it one more
Love and Sparkles
Emma xxxx