Tuesday 27 April 2010

Dazed and Deine Jugend...and Stuff....

A couple of random updates from recent happenings....so a couple of months back one of my pieces from my SS10 collection as part of my collaboration with Pebelle, went on a little holiday to Berlin to
star in Deine Jugend's new music video. The film is directed by Katja Hentschel and styled by Alexis Knox....you can ch ch check it out....

In other news myself and Polona recently did an interview with Anna Battista for Dazed Digital...here we tell all the juicy gossip about the upcoming exhibitio
n, 'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!', the story about how it got it's weird title and tra la la....so you can go and read the full interview HERE!!!!!

Also, there's a cheeky peek at our feature on Electronic Beats...!
And finally lunch time calls....
Love and Strudel,
Emma xxxx

Saturday 17 April 2010

Just some stuff....

Greetings from Whirlers!!!
Just a quick one as it's sunny outside and I'm due to go and make a mission for cider and cheddar...not always easy as these things aren't the Austrian norm....so it's off to the Bobby's British shop!!!
In the meantime....some of my knitwear featuring my 'Buffet' print design and a couple of my bags that I did as part of my 'Emma Bell for Irregular Choice' collections are currently available on the Irregular Choice website....so you can check them out HERE and buy online!!!

Earlier this week I went to see the
Modekolleg Herbststra├če grad show at Pratersauna...and the rest of the week has been all about meeting up with all of our exhibition's partners and sponsors...so busy week...! I've also been embroidering and rhinestoning-up all week so I have a million holes in my fingers which is never a great look when I then attempt to dye my hair...so now I have turquoise dots on my fingers!!!!
Ok...I'll leave you with this little picture of my stuff in the Evening Standard from a couple of weeks back!woop!
Love and Sunshine!
Emma xxxx

Saturday 10 April 2010

'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!'

Yo Yo Yo....
So I've been banging on about the exhibition of dreams for quite some time now....so I'm going to whack out the deal right here.....

'Fish and Chips, Twice Please?!'

'Contemporary fashion exhibition presenting the UK as a hub for international design talent.

The exhibition is directed and curated by British fashion designer, Emma Bell, and curator Polona Dolzan. Presenting the industry's most forward thinking creatives including designers; Louise Gray, Charlie Le Mindu, Scott Ramsay Kyle, Piers Atkinson, Dashing Tweeds, Louise Amstrup, Cooperative Designs, Nicholas Kirkwood and Craig Lawrence.

Also presenting as part of this showcase are creative talents from complimenting industries including contributors; photographers Matthew Brindle and Thom Will, Illustrator Laura Bell, fashion film from Mirrored Palm, animator Will Adams and Stylist Alexis Knox.

The project is supported in co-operation with The British Embassy Vienna and The Federal Ministry for European Affairs alongside a selection of respected sponsors and media partners.
freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL, MuseumsQuartier, Vienna.
June 10th 2010- September 12th 2010
Open daily: 10am-7pm
Free Entry.'
So that's what is going down....alongside the exhibition we also have a juicy side programme involving workshops, exclusive parties, collaborative club-nights, lectures....plenty going on including an exciting project with Designers Against AIDS, a selection of New Designer Showcases....allsorts!!!
And we now have our blog up and running....so be sure to keep an eye out for any hot news!!!
here it is....
Ooohh and our Twitter is now up for the action...so be sure to follow!!!!
And while I'm doing a huge, shameless plug on the project....you might as well check out our Facebook page RIGHT HERE!!!!
So, there you go...exciting times ahead!!!wooooooo!!!!
Love and Chips!

Charli XCX and Lost in the Countryside....

Ooooh hiya!
It's been a busy week in Whirlers Central including getting lost in the countryside, supermarket scrums and working on the quickly approaching exhibition!!!
So, Charli XCX recently wore my stuff from SS10 for her performance at the Bestival Launch party alongside Alex Metric...she also rocked it for her shoot with Action Aid...exciting times! Charli is a singer/songwriter from the UK who started whacking out the tunes at only 14 and to date has had airplay on Radio 1, been shot by David Bailey for British Vogue as well as posed for Rankin!!!

Yesterday me and my friend Cara...(who also writes a juicy blog and is obsessed with Lady Gaga...www.caravision.com ) decided to brave the Central European train network of doom to make the out of town visit to the HUGGGE fabric warehouse....the same scenario also happened last time I attempted to get here and we ended up taking the wrong train...we found ourselves on some random non-stop train to some Austrian town a million miles away and the train conductor was not impressed with our antics. The venture however was totally worth the drama and I bought so many fabrics that I nearly broke my arms....in amongst all the gourmet fabrics they also sell a whole load of shit...imagine my delight when I found a pack of 6 totally sick novelty Easter candles for only 1 Euro?! There were gross ornaments and allsorts being whipped in my trolley!

Ok so I will leave you a shot of Prater funfair...which is my favourite place in Vienna and houses the most awesome beer garden in the world....and a rainy shot of the vicinity!!!!
Love and Sparklessssss

Sunday 4 April 2010

A Hundred Lovers and Whirlers Round Two!!!

Guten Tag and Happy Easter AKA Frohe Ostern!!!
Last week I trotted back to Vienna to base myself within my new studio where I shall be working from for the next 6 months!wooo! My arrival didn't go as planned....I had a weird feeling something was going to go wrong and sure enough...ALL of my luggage went AWOL en route to Austria! I couldn't believe it, I thought I was going to be sick...I was most concerned that a) all of m
y work equipment was in there and b)my make-up was also MIA....I had to haggle for a complimentary pack which, contained a T-shirt, toothbrush etc...Luckily my bags eventually turned up the next day...but it was a day of doom!
So anyway, first thought I would whack out Diesel's 'A Hundred Lovers' video
featuring the new single from Josep Xorto...a few weeks ago I mentioned I was working in the wardrobe department for the interactive film that was accompanying their 'BE STUPID' campaign alongside Alexis who was styling the whole extravaganza...

It rolled like this.....

That's the round up to that chapter of delights!
And here I am, back in Vienna AKA Whirlers...wooo
eee!!! The past 3 months I have been working on a big project in which I am currently creative director of a contemporary fashion exhibition which will open in the Freiraum International Gallery in the Museums Quartier in June. The exhibition will feature an array of juicy designers based in the UK as well as talent from complimenting fields including; illustration, photography, fashion film, animation, styling and technical craft! So right now it's full stream ahead working on this exciting avenue alongside curator Polona Dolzan ...fun times ahead! Alongside this, the exhibition will feature my special showcase collection so there is plenty of sewing, bejewelling, dyeing, knitting and co going on 24/7 in the studio of dreams!!!

The past few days have been pretty consumed with work and settling in etc...so I don't have any spectacular photos of princess palaces and the likes....however...my excitement over foreign supermarkets never grows old...so here are some pictures of the contents of my fridge and stuff....
Love and Strudel,