Saturday, 17 April 2010

Just some stuff....

Greetings from Whirlers!!!
Just a quick one as it's sunny outside and I'm due to go and make a mission for cider and cheddar...not always easy as these things aren't the Austrian it's off to the Bobby's British shop!!!
In the meantime....some of my knitwear featuring my 'Buffet' print design and a couple of my bags that I did as part of my 'Emma Bell for Irregular Choice' collections are currently available on the Irregular Choice you can check them out HERE and buy online!!!

Earlier this week I went to see the
Modekolleg Herbststra├če grad show at Pratersauna...and the rest of the week has been all about meeting up with all of our exhibition's partners and busy week...! I've also been embroidering and rhinestoning-up all week so I have a million holes in my fingers which is never a great look when I then attempt to dye my now I have turquoise dots on my fingers!!!!
Ok...I'll leave you with this little picture of my stuff in the Evening Standard from a couple of weeks back!woop!
Love and Sunshine!
Emma xxxx


Tracie Tsuneya said...

Those sweaters up top are SO cute!

thuy said...

oh my god, i love love love your collections!

amber renee said...

going to do a feature on you at miseducated -- working on it now! deliciousness!

so let's collaborate! xoxo

amber renee said...

it's been posted! a feature article on your cuteness :)