Thursday 12 February 2015

New Shoot in NOCTIS Magazine!!!

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ooohhh I've been sooo excited to share this shot from a recent shoot!! You can spot my 'Lepi Spomini' leotard in this super colourful, editorial~ directed and styled by the talented Twinks Burnett in the current issue of British publication, NOCTIS Magazine!! The shoot is titled 'Burning Man' and the credits are as follows:
stylist/directer: Twinks Burnett Styling and Design
Set design: Westwood
photography: Rohan Hande Photography
MUA: Jake Alexander

Models: Amy Harriott Gregory, Mya Harriott Gregory.
Assistant: Bouquet Phillips.

I absolutely adore this series of images and will be sharing more of them very soon!I'm a big fan of Twinks' work so was mega pleased that she wanted to feature my work! Be sure to check out the latest issue of NOCTIS!!!
Love and Sparklessss,
Emma xx

Thursday 5 February 2015's 2015!

I can't believe that somehow it's not only 2015 but, it's actually February already and only now I'm getting around to an update! To say this past few months or so have flown by is an understatement.... AS IF I have just celebrated the 9 month mark here in Korea?!?! I really can't believe I've been here so long as to be honest the whole scenario still feels as new and exciting as it did the day I touched down at Incheon airport back in April!
This country still continues to inspire and amaze me on a daily basis, even on the less eventful days. The novelty of living in Seoul hasn't worn off and I find myself adoring the place more and more as time passes. 
I've tried to do, see or experience at least one new thing every single weekend but, despite being here for so many months I still feel that there is an outrageous amount of stuff I still didn't see or do!Which is kind of nice to imagine all of the exciting adventures and magical things I've still yet to encounter here!! Life in Korea is everything I'd imagined and hoped it would be and more!!!
So far I've managed to see quite a lot of Seoul and several of the nearby smaller cities around Gyeonggi-do and Gangwon-do despite having a lot of commitments here in Korea such as work, my Korean studies, midnight sewing, endless research and of course building a life in a totally new environment. It's been super important to me since day one to always make the most of living here and to never feel like I've wasted a second of this opportunity to live in such a magical city on the other side of the world. My time here so far has been glorious and has involved an abundance of cake, back street wanderings,  countryside jaunts, so many awesome exhibitions and galleries, deluxe food, roaming around forests, a bit of temple hopping and so many other joys! I've been lucky to meet a lot of incredibly talented and inspiring people as well as make some wonderful friends. I adore the art scene here especially the smaller scale, independent initiatives that are buzzing with creativity in even the smallest of neighborhoods!!

I love the old school charm of many of the more residential areas as there is so much lurking around every corner!
Seoul is such a fun place to live and is so different to anywhere else I've ever called home before.  I feel it would be virtually impossible to ever get bored of this city purely because there is so much to it and there is constantly something changing or going on.

So I realised that I've been mega slow with sharing photos of my adventures here in Korea over these past few months...the reason being that I take a ridiculous amount of pictures here and by the time I get around to wanting to post some, I've already taken a load more so there's a serious backlog situation!! (Yep, I've now got an action packed file of a whopping 9000 photos that I've taken since arriving in Asia last year....the temptation of snapping every little memory is too much to resist!!)
I'm going to leave you with a few photos from over my time so far here in Korea~!! 
Until next time!
Love and Rice Cakes,
Emma xxxx