Thursday, 12 February 2015

New Shoot in NOCTIS Magazine!!!

Hiya /
ooohhh I've been sooo excited to share this shot from a recent shoot!! You can spot my 'Lepi Spomini' leotard in this super colourful, editorial~ directed and styled by the talented Twinks Burnett in the current issue of British publication, NOCTIS Magazine!! The shoot is titled 'Burning Man' and the credits are as follows:
stylist/directer: Twinks Burnett Styling and Design
Set design: Westwood
photography: Rohan Hande Photography
MUA: Jake Alexander

Models: Amy Harriott Gregory, Mya Harriott Gregory.
Assistant: Bouquet Phillips.

I absolutely adore this series of images and will be sharing more of them very soon!I'm a big fan of Twinks' work so was mega pleased that she wanted to feature my work! Be sure to check out the latest issue of NOCTIS!!!
Love and Sparklessss,
Emma xx

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