Tuesday, 30 June 2009


Ahoy there!!!
oooh, it seems like ships are becoming
a regular feature....although this story involves an actual (pirate) ship and not a knitted woolly one!!!
On Thursday, Hayley and I (after weeks of anticipation!) hit Big Brother starlets, Sam and Amanda's 21st Birthday party....the bash was held on a boat sailing up and down the Thames! Party central!!!

The promise of candyfloss and cupcakes was almost too much to handle as we climbed on board and sailed to sea!
The girls are two of my favourite people since they took to the catwalk with little dogs in hand at my last show at Fashion Week!!! (They rocked the banana intarsia knitwear for Autumn/Winter 09 with matching white terriers....and super hot De Havilland's on their feet!)
Anyway back to the bash...in keeping with the party theme, the girls both wore pale peachy pink dresses which matched the lovely cupcakes that were broug
ht by Bakeaboo!!! Might I just add....the cupcakes were AMAZING!!! Check out:

We were also incredibly excited to get ourselves a couple of glitter tattoos!!! I ended up with a little cat and an armful of roses courtesy of the awesome Jinny Rainbow....www.jinnyrainbow.com

Ok....I'm not going to lie...the guests were pretty awesome too.....obviously with my obsession with reality TV and my daily homage to Heatworld and the likes.....I was particularly excited by the appearances of the Shipwrecked crew.....the plethora of Big Brother dudes....ooh and how could I forget,Callum Best!

Yes....so we had the BEST time ever!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!!!
Love and Cupcakesss!!!


Charleston said...

sugary sweet outfit and makeup as always miss emma. x

Emma Bell said...

aww thanksss dude!!!

Anonymous said...

aaaaas if you put the demon kangaroo up!!


Ross Jenkins said...

This sounds like the best party ever!!!