Monday, 9 November 2009

Just random.....

Oohhh iyyya!!!
So I'm ill.....and have lost my voice. I sound like a man. But....I thought I would unleash a few random pictures etc from a few exploits!!

So you can and Alexis were collared after my show at Vienna Fashion Week and here are the two PUFFYCAKESSS with Erich, who is a celebrity hairstylist in Austria and has his own social column!So here we are in Wien Live Magazine!
In other news...some of my fellow Artist in Residence crew threw a special event at the Subotron store for a collaborative project called SUGAR lead by Heather Kelley... It marked the preview of her computer game teamed with special aromas that are triggered by computer data....I'm not even going to attempt to explain's all too technical for me!

It was snowing...I forgot my camera in the thanks to Moboid for the pics and also for the AMAZING cake!!!

While I'm here....obviously we just had Halloween.....Cara and I decided to make her an impromptu dress for the occasion.....

As you can see....we also had a glitter drama!!!!I do love a good carpet of glitter!!!
Ok....So I am going to leave you with a random selection of photos from Whirlers Central.....its Lemsip time....

Ok, over and out...
Love and Lemsip,

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Cara said...

hahaaha "glitter drama," wasted glitter, us? NEVER!!!