Thursday, 29 October 2009

Die Presse Interview!

Afternoon twinkletoes!!!
Jeepers....It is so cold and I am turning into a snowman. However, I went for a lovely lunch today so that has set me up for a hardcore work session to the sounds of the Dirty Dancing soundtrack! Only I do not have Hungry Eyes because I ate a lot of Halloumi!
Anyway, I just got the PDFs from my interview in Die Presse which is one of the largest and oldest daily Austrian newspapers running since the 1940's. Wowzers! Awaiting the nice juicy real copies which I can't wait to see!

Ok..bit of a backtrack this is old, old,old news but I realised I haven't posted this before...anyway, this is a nice little piece on Style Bubble from forever ago featuring my Buffet Dress! I LOVE Susie's I super appreciate this little mention!

Love and Toodlepipsssssss!!!
Emma xxxxxxx

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