Monday, 5 October 2009

Real World Laboratory-MQ!!!

I'm ill...I wish someone would bring me grapes....but I can only find grapes with seeds here in Vienna...and I don't like those as someone once told me the pips can cause appendicitis....
So anyway the other day we hit up the launch of Freiraum International
Quartier21's latest exhibition...."REAL WORLD LABORATORY"...It was complete with pretzels and chocolate muffins with flags in them...
So the is a conceptual showcase for experimental design and industrial production showing a marriage between two contrasting design attitudes. T
he works are brought from six central European countries; Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia and combine the disciplines of art and technology and beauty meets functionality.
Some of my favourite pieces....
SEE YOU is a piece produced by Ivanka -a Hungarian company. The
piece is a concrete tomb that holds water in the shape of a cross. The idea is that the water reflects the surrounding environment and aims to involve the living. So basically family members can hang out there and reflect and that it sustains itself through even if it is left with no visitors it grows all pretty and mossy!

Another favourite of mine was the work of Dejana Kabiljo titled PRETTYPRETTY- I loved this as I liked the humour that went with it....special barstools with hair...(and I saw hair.... so I thought of my little perruche...Le Mindu and how much I would like to drink some Earl Grey and make a dance video with him right now...JUMPSTYLEEEE)
The concept is that it stirs up an element of vanity over who has the hottest hair...the sitter or the stool...(the chair would totally win right now if I sat o
n my roots are soooo bad!) and also generates feelings of nostalgia like...playing with dolls or getting a super bad haircut!
There you go...also I liked the muffins too....

Love and Hello Kitty,

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Naddy Sane said...

aww nooo, get better right now xD!!!
NOOOOOOOOOOOO!! GRAPES WITH SEEDS!! THEY DRIVE ME MAD! poor, poor you. I used to yell at my mum when she got the wrong grapes. WHY dont you order some seadless grapes from the tesco website? - do they deliver to vienna, i have no idea, but they should . just so you can have seadless grapes...

anddd oooogggggggg prettttyfullness

nad xxx