Wednesday 28 October 2009

10 Festival Austria and other Delights!

OOOOH iyaaa!
Just a quick one as I am on a roll with the sewing machine and also lunchtime is calling....but, thought I would show you this little sneak peak from a shoot by photographer Michele Pauty
In preparation for the wonderful 10 Festival which represents fashion and photography my garments were used in a photoshoot! I can't show you the images as they are top secret but here is a little sample at what went down at Michele's new studio! See the lovely Alex above sporting a piece from my SS10 Collection.

In other news my overseas antics meant that I was not in London for the comeback of 'Circus'....I was sobbing into my pillow!!!
I wish I could have been there...but, I wasn't, I was eating strudel and being all Viennese instead! But my jacket was there in my place worn by the lovely Jodie's like I was mystically there in fabric form...woo spooky!
Ok...that's all folks!
Love and Thermal Socks,

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1'stanbul said...

love that freaky look and the intese colors!