Monday, 19 October 2009

Indie Magazine!

Guten Tag!!!!
Brrrrrrrrrrr it's chilly...but, I have some nice, new, sick 'fleece wear' to stop me from getting chilblains...(I don't 100% even know what chilblains are...I just remember a boy at school called Alan always complained of them so he never had to do P.E!)
I finally had the chance to meet up with the lovely Claudia, Fashion Editor of the super-glossy, amazing Indie magazine!!!
With international circulation, it is produced here in Vienna and it's a really nice magazine-all shiny and action packed with hot fashion shizzle and the you should go buy a copy wherever in the world you may be!
This issue was celebrating all things British with features on a handfull of juicy designers and creatives back in the UK....
I did an interview with them on the eve of my "Austrian Flirtation" ,as it has been it was nice to finally get a hold of a copy and meet Claudia from the team!!!
You can check out my feature in issue 24-The Autumn Edition!
Love and Indie Magazineeeeeeee
Emma xxxx

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Olga Babenko said...

I congratulate you!