Friday, 24 October 2008


oooh it's been a while....this is because Ive been working on a top secret project with VAUXHALL Motors as creative director of a VERY VERY VERY special event on the 17th November?!?!ooooh exciting...lots of weird and random bits and pieces going on...from cruising the aisles at a cash and carry in following a magical treasure map to find the HOTTEST music acts....and hitting up an AMAZING canteen where I ate some nice vegetable bake...with chips...and beans....oooh its all very mysterious?!!
read the speile and find out what is going down....

"Vauxhall Cars has joined forces with Hot fashion designer, Emma Bell, as seen on the catwalk at London Fashion Week, to create an extra special, phantasmagorical, candy encrusted evening of glitter, fashion, THE BEST music in town, art and frolics! Guarenteed to be the most excitingly extravagant and stylish drive of your life! Pencil the date in your diaries: MONDAY 17TH NOVEMBER! Tell me more I hear you ask???? WELL WATCH THIS SPACE FOR UPDATES, HOT OFF THE PRESS NEWS, AND TO FIND OUT HOW YOU CAN BE PART OF THE BEST PARTY IN TOWN!!! Clue: Come with an empty belly and your most spectacular outfit and prepared to be driven into the magical world of EMMA BELL and VAUXHALL!!!!!" WE WILL BE BRINGING YOU THE HOTTEST NAMES ALONG WITH SOME OF LONDON'S BRIGHTEST FASHION TALENT....on the edge of your driving seats and await the WORD!!!"

Like the sound of that bad boy do you?!
Go to
and ADD!!!There we will unleashing all the exciting goings on and tell you how YOU can get your mitts on the golden tickets for the EVENT OF DREAMSSS!
Remember the date...17th November..."Emma Bell's Vault for Vauxhall"!!!
Love and Brmmmm Brmmmmmm
Emma xxx

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