Thursday, 18 February 2010


Goddag....that's what they say here...means Hello!!!
So last week we went whipping off to Denmark which was so much fun! After a crazy busy few weeks....I couldn't wait! Tra La La Danish Pastries!
The lovely guys at Gallery brought us over to cover 'Copenhagen Fashio
n Week' and once I heard the Little Mermaid lived there, I was all wrapped up in the thermals for the action.
Jam packed week and too many stories and exploits to tell so I shall give you the abridged we went to lots of shows which was fun...I'm going to unleash some pictures from a couple of my fave shows!

Louise Amstrup- Loved this show! The collection titled, 'The City of Lost Children', opened with a short film and had some awesome digital prints!

Another favourite was Henrik Vibskov who presented his AW10 collection titled 'The Slippery Spiral Situation', in a huge warehouse opening with a band rocking monk-like attire...check out some of my pics...

And in other even get a blanket with your coffee when sitting in sub-zero is a basic rundown of what went down.....

So there you go.....that's what was in the mix last week!! Fun times...and even picked up a corker of a necklace from a Peruvian Denmark! Ooh and mega thanks to Gallery!
Love and Danish Pastries!!!

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