Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Pineapples, Fan Death and Austrian Re-Run... I have been incredibly slow with the old updates this past couple of weeks...I have been consumed with all things I'm going to give just a couple of random-a-rama bits of news...then I'll return with the full version of events!!!
So first exciting story....The totally awesome band Fan Death recently too
k a whole bag-full of Emma Bell with them on their European tour and Dandi Wind, Marta and co could be seen rocking some of my stuff! You can see a sneak preview above left....but watch this space for the full unleashment! In the meantime you can check out their 'Reunited' video HERE HERE HERE!!!
In other news....'Pineapple Dance Studios' has now started on Sky1...this is the show I mentioned my stuff was going to be check out my snaps of the old TV screen here and you can spot my Palm Tree dress and gold glitter jacket being donned by featured band, 'Starman' styled by Alexis Knox!!! I'm loving this show, it's a beaut and Louie Spence is my new favourite person on the telly...

Next story....last week saw work taking me back to Vienna which I was incredibly excited about to frequent a few old haunts, catch up on some strudel etc....I'm currently working on a big project there in which I will also present my la
test collection for the first time which is a special showcase line opposed to my usual seasonal collections, hence the absence of AW10! I would show you some Vienna pictures but, the button fell off my camera in a scramble to snap a comedy photo of a handheld hoover called 'Fanny' that I spotted in a shop window....

So finally.....I'll leave you with just another sneak peek of the Raquel Reed shoot which I promise I will unleash in it's entirety asap! Check out some gingerbread action shot by Steve Prue as worn by Raquel and Dylan Monroe!!!

Ok...and that's all for now!!! Oohh check out the updates to the website also...lots of juicy new images in the new collaboration section!!!wooooeeee!!!
Love and Strudel


nmw said...

oh that's cool that you're going back to vienna again. when will you showcase your collection? will be in austria from sunday onwards for 3 weeks... would love to see it! xx nicole

Emma Bell said...

Heyyy!!!Yes, I fly back there next week!!!cant wait!!so we will be there at the same time!! Collection will be showcased in June as part of the exhibition Im working on there!!!!I'll drop you an email!xxx

Marie said...

Fan Death are my favorite band!!! So happy to see them wearing your pieces!! That's a dream pairing! :) Writing you shortly!