Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Music Videos, Ladders and Stuff!

It's been a while...the past few weeks have been crazy busy and many a cheap laugh has occured....so here is the LOWDOWNNN...
So last month I was working alongside Natalie on a music video that Alexis was styling one of the artists for....
We were working with Emeli Sande...She's an awesome singer/songwriter whose tracks include collaborations with with Chipmunk...
Her latest work is Naughty Boy presents; Wiley feat Emeli Sande, "Never Be your Woman"...which is kind of spooky because only the week before I had sat and watched 'Never be your woman' the movie....eek! Paranormal!
So here you go...here's the video itself in all it's glory!!!

Oohh and I also had to face one of my many irrational fears of stairs/ladders and climb up a particularly trecherous metal ladder in a mini skirt!!!jeepers!
Love and Ladders,

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