Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Diesel, Across the Pond and other Frolics...

Boxy with Boxes and PANT INSPECTION!!!
OOOoooh Hiya!!!
o as I was saying...hectic couple of weeks!!! So Knoxy was recently appointed as stylist for a music video catalogue for Diesel's 'BE STUPID' campaign...
The project went on the rampage recruiting an array of creatives from designers, bloggers, musicians, stylists, artists, models tra la la....to appear in the magical vide
I've been working in wardrobe throughout the project which has been sooo much fun and a few new phrases were even invented including..."cupping the ter
rier" after someone caressed a man's beard like a kitten.... So anyway...watch this space and I shall pass the link over once the video has gone LIVE!!!

In other news...as you know, some of my garments went over to New York for their Christmas holidays for a very special shoot with Raquel Reed and Doe Deere, shot by Steve Prue.
The shots of Doe were used in her cover shot and feature in US Auxiliary Magazine...exciting stuff which, you can see above there! Love it!!!

Ooohh and finally....check the above woop!! I was featured in an advert for British Airways Great Britons in the 'Independent'!!!
Love and Jellybeans!


Charlotte said...

This is so awesome! Will you ever post the rest of the photos from your shoot with Raquel Reed and Doe Deere? It's a shame that in the magazine there are just 3 shots of your designs and they're all tiny and pushed to the side of the page! And Raquel isn't in them, which is a shame, but since the article is about Doe Deere it makes sense. Looks like such a fun way to showcase your designs anyway, much love <3 <3

Doe Deere said...

I had SO MUCH FUN shooting in your dresses! Thank you for the opportunity, it was an honor wearing Emma Bell. xo