Tuesday, 28 July 2009

One Size Fits All at DIGITARIA....

image by Paul Joyce (i love it by the way)

So, I've just taken the skin off my knuckle in the process of making this delight....so I'm taking a recovery break to write this and tell you all about this special project!

One of my favourite people, Scottee (ooh what a lovely boy) has been commissioned to create some special LIMITED EDITION t-shirts for super hot Soho boutique of dreamsss DIGITARIA! WOOO.....theres only 100...EXCLUSIVO!

Set to unleash this Friday at a cheeky launch bash in store....From August 2009 you can go and buy these beauties in the London and Athens DIGITARIA stores...so don't be tight...go and whip one in!

So anyway....Scottee picked three of his favourite designers, moi, NOKI and Lee Benjamin to create some special extravaganzas with the T-Shirts!Ooohhh very exciting....!
So that's what I'm doing right now.Yes, I have dyed my hands as I'd used the Marigolds to feed the cat with because I don't eat meat....and yes my knuckle is bleeding a river of red rubies.
Go and check out....
Love and my finger hurts,

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