Saturday, 7 March 2009

The Vice Squad....YES PLEASE!

Salut twinkletoes!!
I was very excited to meet the Vice guys at my show...who were really lovely...and wrote nice stuff about me!!!
oooh quote:
"We just saw the best show of the week"
Anyway....check out how the convo went...despite me sounding a bit of a DUMBASS!!!eeek I blame "Relentless" withdrawl and post show shellshock!!ha ha ha!
Vice: Hi Emma, that was the best show we’ve seen, congratulations!
Emma Bell: Thanks!
What was up with that guy in a bear costume at the beginning?
Actually it was a dog.
Oh.That was the theme of the show – dogs. There were pictures of dogs projected on screens, and dogs on all the clothes, the guy sang “Dog in the Window” –

it was an anti animal cruelty theme.
Oh cool, now those two live dogs on stage make total sense. To be fair I haven’t seen any of your previous collections, how does this one compare?
It’s more serious.
More serious? You had Jodie Harsh and the twins from Big Brother and live dogs and people hollering at the models.
Yeah, but this time the girls wore heels.
I see.
Eeeek and appologies for the lack of seats....looking back on photos of the crowd it seems a few jokers slipped through the net and nabbed all the seats...cheeky monkeys!!!

Love and I'd love a Croissant..right now...

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