Monday, 9 March 2009

Megabus or Busy Bus?!!!

image: Roberto Neumiller
All aboard!!!!
I just had to share this image as it's so incredible! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw much so it shall be going on my wall!
I spotted it yesterday in a piece about migrant workers rocking home from Libya...these dudes spend up to 3 weeks travelling like this! That's one hell of a commute and imagine it in scorching sunshine...I take my hat off to these guys...100%!
When I think of the amount of moaning I've witnessed on transport...not to mention my own....I'll shut up from now on, I realise I didn't have it so bad...
At the same time I do have a few tales to tell as a result of spending a LOT of time on buses and trains.....
a few choice escapades....
1)throwing up out of a bus window in India whilst Hindi music was playing on repeat for around 19 hours...nice.

2)Getting caught up in the middle of a punch-up between a bloke and some woman on the train from London to Newcastle....

3)Feeling a sneaky hand worm it's way under my blanket on an overnight bus in Thailand....yes the guy was trying to steal my possessions...and yes I was also faking sleep so that no-one would attempt to sit next too I clocked him.Sadly other people didn't. He toddled off with a lot of Baht in his pocket.

4) The drama of someone trying to be dragged out of the toilet window as a result of locking and wedging herself into the toilet en route to Bristol! A personal favourite!

5)Having to use the toilet after some foul guy came out smirking after a half an hour stint in there declaring "I drank a lot of Guinness last night"...I was then treated to the spectacle and aroma of a toilet full to the brim with BLACK SHIT. Oooh Lovely!
And with that I bid you farewell...makes the Megabus look like 5 star travelling luxury...
Emma xxxx

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