Wednesday, 9 September 2009

What's been going downnnn.....

Hallo!(Coz' that's what they say here!)
So...thought I would check in with some tra la la...UPDATESS!
I've been in Whirlers Central for a week now...and I am super happy...and I am pleased to have found a hidden gem in Vienna....
My debut at Vienna Fashion Week is a welcome change...and I
'm counting down the days till my show...23rd September!!Woooop!
In between sewing by the window...and gazing at the beautiful view...I have been getting to grips with Whirlers....
There's so much to see and do here....
First talking new favouri
te as we all know I do love a good funfair and a hot gypsy Prater is the most awesome place ever!
It's a big old theme park....some bits are kinda sick and old skool....SUPE
R SICK puppets and clowns...even one that appears to be brandishing a KNIFE!GOSHHHH! They have lots of AMAZING rides and games....and the BEST beer garden that hosts some gourmet Veggie options on the menu!!!
I also rocked the zoo...and visited the beautiful Shonbrunn Palace...which is like a mini Versailles and met some awesome people!!!
I am falling more and more in love with the Museums Quartier everyday, as there's always so many things going on there and it's nice to be based in a complex with so many other fellow creatives!
I have a new neighbour...who is a designer also, from the Netherlands....and she's awesome so we have been going on lots of adventures! You can chec
k out her work....HERE!!!
Leonie is also going to be showing at Vienna Fashion Week!!!

We found the BEST fabric warehouse IN THE WORLD!! Bit of a mission to get to...we ended up lost in the Austrian countryside and blagging free trains....but totally worth it!! Floors of zillions of amazing fabric, trims, zips....and also other random stuff like toilet seats....Christmas Baubels, frying pans and the likes!!
Ok so I'm going to leave you with some pictures of what's been happ
Love and Sparkles


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