Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mino Movie & Elevator Jingles!

So one of the guys from the team at the project I did in Japan came across a little movie of the exhibition that I did called 'Let Momo Eat Cake' at the 'Mino Washi
Museum' and kindly shared it with me. It features the series of work that I created during my time there alongside the work of my lovely, fellow artists in residence, Yoko, Kris and Lena. I especially love the cheesy elevator music that accompanies the montage!!! My stuff is at the end so check it out and don't ask me what the subtitles say as I can't speak the lingo!
For those of you that don't know about the project, I basically spent 3 months living in a small town called Mino, in Gifu Prefecture working with the 'Mino Paper Art Village Project'. I produced a collection of work titled 'Colourful Creatures are Often Poisonous' which you can peep at HERE if you like! We did a whole bunch of fun stuff from paper making to lantern workshops and I also exhibited a piece at the annual 'Akari Art Festival'. Iwas living in a real life Buddhist temple at the top of a hill and got involved in all sorts of antics ranging from almost being killed by a wild boar, dancing around in a Peruvian poncho and eating jacket potatoes with chopsticks. It was a weird and wonderful adventure with the chance to meet so many awesome people and I took about a million photos during my time getting down in the countryside!!! I haven't unleashed these pics on here before, so here's some snapshots from my stint in Mino!!!

I miss this place and the days of drinking an everlasting supply of Matcha latte!!!
Love and Sparkles,

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