Friday, 15 July 2011

Alexis Knox on 'New Look Style the Nation!'

Ooooooohhhh Hiya!!!
Fo the past few weeks I've been tuning into Channel 4's 'New Look Style the Nation' to watch superstar stylist, Alexis Knox, gracing our TV screens! With my beans on toast, I've been watching Knoxy in all her glory as a mentor on the show which sees her working with aspiring fashion stylists battling it out on the catwalk.
At the weekend we saw the final episode of the series and Alexis rocked out my striped 'Fish and Chips' printed dress!!! She looked hot to trot and here are a few pics of her wearing my stuff on the show!
Super proud of Knoxy for doing such a glorious job...what will become of Saturday mornings without her throwing out a few 'WOWZERS' on our telly?!?!!!!

Love and Sparkles,

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Lisa said...

Love Knoxy! And she looked bangin in your fish n chips dress!