Friday, 27 February 2009

IT'S SHOWTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

images: alex cornes:
Oh jeeeeeez...once again, here do I many months of work then finally the unleashment all squeezed into one tiny blog.....well...I'll warn you's unlikely to be a short one.... show opened with an extra special performance of "How Much is that Doggy in the Window?" by my all time favourite performance artist SCOTTEE...I actually love him. Dressed in a dapper dog suit accompanied by the wonderful Jordan on his violin...the crowd was treated to this rendition before the beaut of a track especially produced by WARBOY kicked in...... to the make-up..which is one of my favourite bits!

images Thom Will:
This season saw a romantic and whimsical twist to the make-up with oil painted complexions and delicate dolly features trimmed with a couple of select "Prince Lancelot" inspired glittered jousting masks. Make-up creative direction goes to the amazing Rachel Wood using Benefit and her great team of art
ists from AOFM!

Next up is the amazing locks... Charlie Le Mindu was creative director of the hair for my AW09 showcase seeing beautiful, chunky Rapunzel inspired plaits and princess like fluffy crimps....oooh bravo....I LOVED the hair!!!!!!!!!

images: alex cornes-

All about accessories......
We were honoured to have incredible footwear from Terry De Havilland gracing the catwalk....the shoes were awesome and a perfect combo for this collection....I fell in love with each and every pair!!! (big thanks to Terry and Eskimo PR!)

Our hosiery was sponsored by a totally divine Texas, USA based brand called "Celeste Stein"...I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan so was over the moon when they hopped on board!!! They are truly something else...the most amazing tights I have EVER encountered in my whole entire life!!!

It was a huge privilege to also work with the super talented Finch who created the magical accessories!!! check out guy rockssss!!!! before I launch in with a million credits and before I let the show pics roll....I want to say an extra BIG special thanks to the amazing superstar stylist Alexis Knox....who worked incredibly hard alongside me as Creative Director of the show....She is a super hero.....ETERNAL THANKSSS PUFFY!!!!! (can I just explain the puffy thing right now....or it just sounds weird and scares all the hot boys cut a long story short...our old housemate rocked in one day and called us both a french was amazing....and we laughed...a LOT. 'Nuff said...innit?!?!?!?)
Get your chops around the show picssssssss!!!!!!!


photos: alex

And there you have it...
Now...I have endless THANKS to say to all of those people involved and who made everything possible!
MAJOR THANKS to Alexis Knox!!!
Rosie Llewelyn, Emma Box, Catherine Mudford,
Richard Bell (my special little brother who helped with the perspex stuff!!!)Hayley Griffith, Alana Cobb, Richard Kellett for his amazing painting talents,Alan and Linda Bell, Scottee, Jordan,Jim Warboy, Ollie Hastings, Naida, Nikki Rodgers, Maartje, Michelle, Klaudia, Cyn, Liam Gleeson, The Notion Arts Foundation, David at "Outsider Tart", Selina@, Martyn John and the team at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, Rachel Wood, Charlie Le Mindu, Gina Davison, Jodie Harsh,Jonathan Lipman Ltd, Sam and Amanda Marchant, Finch, Softlips, Rubicon, Vagabond...gosh...I really hope I've remembered everyone!!eeek really sorry If I've slipped up on someone!

And I think that's it!
Love and Showtime!
Emma xxxx

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