Thursday, 21 May 2009


So...I've gone on enough already about the event....but finally, now that I have a moment to breathe I wanted to take the chance to enlighten you on what went down and show you some great images from the event.....
Early May saw the crew setting up camp in Midwood High School in Brooklyn, the venue where the SUNY Downstate Medical Centre was hosting their AMAZING initiative to educate and engage young people on the reality of HIV/AIDs and how it could be prevented as well as provide a day of seminars, fun activities, the fashion show and also the chance to be screened and seek advice...
The event was organised by and I hopped on board to co-ordinate!
I was honoured to finally meet and get to work with the girls who had been helping me in month running up to me arriving in New York...and it was a total well as lots of fun!!!! Erica, Asha, Amy and Diana....thank you SOOOO much for all your AMAZING help in making the magic (and thanks also for picking me up off the floor and getting me new tights when I fell over!!!)
Also I was excited that the superstar tropical stylist and fashion editor extraordinaire, Alexis Knox, jetted all the way over NYC to support the project as well as lend her styling genius!!She also worked alongside myself and Adenike Omisore, a fantastic and super lovely NYC based all in all we were the dream team!
My favourite EVER tights brand, Celeste Steine, very very generously sponsored all hosiery for the show so I'm thanking the lovely Selina from Mytights MUCHO! I also want to say massive thanks to another couple of brands that have been fantastic in supporting both my own brand as well as the NYC Against HIV BIG WOOOP for Softlips, Doc Martens and New Era!!!!
Photography: DAVE HK YOON
OHHH....and the Hair and Make Up was awesome....Make-Up was directed by Steven Canavan who flew in from Paris to create some AMAZING looks with his fantastic team! I was also excited to meet Xenia/ Doe Deer Founder and owner of Lime Crime Make-up who joined the team and also very kindly supported the cause by donating gift cards for our juicy goody her work..check her out...

We felt it was so incredibly important for the kids at the school to get involved and be part of this amazing event....and it was a pleasure to have their helping hands throughout the week!!! Some of the kids also modelled in the show and we also got the Midwood High School Marching band involved in the extravaganza!!!

And before I bore you to death by going on FOREVER....i'm going to leave you with a few images!!!
But, I would LOVE to say MASSIVE thank you to Raoul at for
inviting me to join the team, as well as Ninette at Designers Against Aids for introducing me to this endeavour....and of course Karen Jemmot from the SUNY Downstate Medical well as the entire team of supporters, creatives, helpers, sponsors and models that made it all possible!
Ok...sit back and enjoy the photos!


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