Monday, 21 February 2011

Notion 50th Issue!!!

Yo Yo Yo from Taiwan....
So after a totally juicy day off spent temple hopping, lantern spying and avoiding weirdos after wandering into a dubious area I was excited when I got back to the studio tonight to see the new, extra special 50th issue of Notion Magazine ready for action on it's online portal! The spectacular Aaron Francis Walker wrote a glorious piece all about my recent 'Colourful Creatures are often Poisonous' collection. It features the images taken as part of my collaboration in Tokyo with photographer Yuji Watanabe during my artist residency at the Mino Paper Art Village Project! Wahhh I love this piece and I'm loving the 50th issue complete with Jessie J on the cover and allsorts of magical content! Thankssss dudes!!!!
In other news I had pre-packed HELLO KITTY jam sandwiches for thing EVER!!!
Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing the magazine in all it's printed, glossy glory when I get back to the UK... (my non existent Chinese lingo doesn't branch far enough to find a special magazine shop in Taiwan...) But anyway...go and buy it....or if you can also check out page 20-21 on the online edition HERE!!!

Anyway, I'm off to wash my hair...
Love and Doritos,
Emma xxx

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