Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Schnitzel Time! New Collaboration!

Guten Tag!
So as I recently mentioned, I've been working on a brand new collaboration with the lovely handbag designer, Helen Rochfort! The new fruit of our labours made it's debut at 'Pure London' a few weeks back and has now just launched at retail so you can get your mitts on our new bag! The piece is called 'Schnitzel Time' and features a piece of artwork that I created for our collab! The bag sits alongside Helen's yummy collection of designs, brand new collaborations with artists including Kitty Finegan and Amber Renee Amick and Helen's new series of
awesome accessories including super hot watches and chocolate chunk rings!
Keep an eye out for the new collab in Helen's stockists around the globe....or you can also hit the link HERE for it on her online store! The design is handprinted on a silver framed, vintage style bag with a candy pink lining and is priced at £65!
Always a pleasure to work with Helen....be sure to check out the rest of her goodies HERE!!!

Love and Schnitzels!

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