Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Exhibition Opening at 'Velika kavarna'!!!

Dober Dan!!!
Just a quick one to give anyone who happens to be in Slovenia, the heads up on an exhibition that I will be showcasing my stuff at as of tomorrow in Maribor!
As you know I was based over there as artist in residence and now the programme, 'Guestroom Maribor', will be presenting a retrospective of works that were developed from all of the international artists that they have hosted throughout the past year.
To date they have supported 23 artists/collectives from all over the world in collaboration with Pekarna Magdalenske Mreze and European Capital of Culture 2012. 
I will be showing elements of my collection of works, 'The Hives of Lepi Spomini' that I produced whilst in Slovenia with the project.
The exhibition opens at 8pm tomorrow evening (Thursday 29th September 2012) in the GLORIOUSSS former 'Velika kavarna' building on Glavni trg 1, so if you happen to be in Maribor, then pop along!
Love, Sparkles and Gibanica,
Emma xxxxx

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