Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Emma Loves a Bit of Scottee....

Yo Yo Yo!!!

So the opening of my recent SS09 catwalk show saw an extra special film played as we hyped up the audience and gave them a cheeky peek into Emma Bell World before my brand new collection was UNLEASHED!!!!

The exquisite performance artist Scottee treated us to a magical fandango!!!

Check out:


He's a corker indeed....thank you muchos for getting in on the video action!!!!

The magical opening video was made, shot, edited and pretty much everything else by the phantasmagorical James Batley....and I got to hold the special round reflective gold thing that I've seen film dudes have and draw a masterpiece storyboard in felt tips from the pound shop....check out his hot website:


Prepare yourself for an optical feast!

Love and Palm Trees

Emma xxx

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