Saturday, 6 September 2008

The Sea of Blue Sheep and Emma Bell!!!

Hello there cheeky chops!
It's been a a result of the ever nearing prospect of London Fashion Week...eeeeeeeeeeeeeeekers!!!
However....last week saw Alexis and myself working on an exciting project with the BBC....this also saw us having to don steel toed boots, a neon vest and hard hat as we foraged through a disused power station with a sea of blue people (we liked to call one the SPESSSS...because he whipped his shirt off and was quite a SPECIMEN!!!).....oooh what a hot look...hello boys!!!

I liked wearing the get-up....
Also....some of my clothing was us
ed in filming...looked this space for the unleashment!!!

Love and a Packet of Frozen Peas!
Emma xxx

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