Monday, 24 November 2008


image:debbie bragg
oOOOOH Oven mitts at the ready cheekychops!!!!

As you know...I LOVE a good dabble in the kitchen when it comes to making cupcakes....can I get a RE-WINDDDD.....check out the special, glitter encrusted cupcakes that I whipped up for Halloween...oooh they went down a TROPICAL storm!!!
So of course my event with Vauxhall last week would not have been complete without a plethora of scrumptious cupcakes for everyone!WHAT A TREAT!!!!
The amazing "Outsider Tart"...check them out... the Vaults in their lovely stripey marquee overflowing with glitter topped cupcakes....PINK OF COURSE!!!!
Massivo THANK YOU to Outsider Tart.....and of course....I love any excuse to talk about CAKES!!!!
Love and Magical Cupcakes!!!
Emma xxx

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