Monday, 3 November 2008

Pumpkin Carving, Rainbow Cupcakes, Fireworks and COCKTAILS!

The annual ghostly festivites saw me departing London for a magical bash in Hertford courtesy of Gina...although I kept announcing I was going to Kent....I still can't get a grasp of these Southern places despite being away from Up-North for almost 7 years now!!!
So I trotted off on the train to the middle of the countryside and it was nice to have a break away from London Town.....
The evening kicked off with cauldrons of crisps, pizza and pumpkin well as several gin and tonics!

The next installment of the evening saw us donning our winter wooleys and heading outside for some Britney, Fireworks, Sparklers and a well as a drunk or two rolling around in the mud!!!

My pumpkin!!! Baking Time!!

Then as you can see came my FAVOURITE bit of the night....cake baking!!!
We made some extra special Rainbow Cupcakes....covered in rainbow frosting AND edible glitter!!! The were amazing..........feast your eyes!!!Yum!!!

Movie time.............

The following morning...we all trotted off to a jumble sale.....where the average age of attendees was about 90!!!It was a near on bunfight for the goods....but I mean what can you expect when you can pick up bargains for a mere 10p!!!
The aftermath and the unleashing of the purchases..............

Love and Pumpkins!!!!
Emma xxx

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