Sunday 11 January 2009

OOOOH Cover of ITGuide....

Yo Yo Yo..... hailing from the North East and all's exciting when what I do gets recognised up North!!!A couple of lovely girls called Kate and Louise have brought out a brand spanking new magazine called "ITGuide" that covers all things juicy in the region from music, restaurants, nightlife.....I did a special interview with the girls and was given a cheeky full page feature and a saucy spot on the front cover of the first issue!!!

Talking of up North....I pegged it up there straight after my trip of dreams to indulge in the festivities!!!It was really nice....lounging around eating chocolate, going holly picking in the forest wearing inappropriate footwear, raucous house parties at New Year, watching crap TV....LOVES IT!

Love and Time to Mop the floor.....

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