Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bonjour Bonjour and Stuff....

Oui oui ouiiiiiii Bonsoir.....
So....this one's a bit if an antique...but I've finally whipped it out....above is an interview with one of my favourite French magazines, WAD, that I did quite a while ago....but anyway...here you go!! LOVE the cover!!!And the other is another feature that I had in WAD many moons ago....bit of a pointless post here...but I'm all about sharing the love...eeeppp!
Whilst I'm backtracking...I've been super organized and here are a couple of other bits of juiciness that I've had lurking in the depths for a while...so on this chilly night, seeing as I can't sleep, BECAUSE I AM FREEZING...I thought I would share them with you!

Oohhh and now we are back in the now..

'Kite' in Brazil which is a textile and technology platform did this nice little combo of the looks!
In other news...I am re-living my youth and re-reading 'The Magic Faraway Tree'....I forgot how AMAZING is it and how much I wanted to be in the book! It used to be my favourite when I was little!!! Super jealous of those kids getting to eat POP CAKES alllll the time!!!
I'm off for ROUND 2 in trying to go to sleep....hot water bottle at the ready!!!
Love and Icicles,

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