Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Unicorn Ring of Dreams!

I am sitting being all Christmassy and watching a 'Come Dine with Me' MARATHON!!!
So every now and then I spot something so exquisite that I know will make me eternally of those things that you know you have to have in your life and then can't stop thinking about it and looking at it!
Imagine my delight when I discovered this bargainous UNICORN RING...all pearlescent and special...and pink and gold (one of my favourite colour combos!). I love this ring more than anything...and plan to keep it forever and pass it down to the Grandchildren and that!
AND...would you believe that it only cost £10...and it came from Topshop?!!!!
This beauty is my new favourite thing and I'm going to call her Persephone!
In addition to the ridiculous, contrived photos above...not only have I thrown my hands into the Christmas can spy my extra special salt dough decoration who is wearing a little bit of Emma Bell!!!
I went on a rampage making sparkly little decorations, predominantly tiny, glittered up gingerbread men, but there was one deformed one left she got turned into a supermodel wearing a palm tree dress...with boobs! She is called Gertrude....
Over and Out,
Love and Unicorns!

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