Monday 18 April 2011

Day Tripping it up to Maokong!

Good Afternoon...
The joys of yesterday warranted a post of their own...Sunday started off with a bit of drama in that for some reason my alarm failed to go off and I totally slept in...eek! Me and my friend Ann waded up into the hills to spend the day in beautiful was such a treat! The downside was it rained like a bitch allll day.....but we took the special 'crystal cabin' gondola into the mountains which had a glass floor and that was pretty awesome!

It was all misty and magical the whole place smells of tea as it's growing up there! We went to Zhengda Teahouse for the most GOURMET lunch EVER! Rice with tea leaves, sweet potatoes, tofu...EVERYTHING!!!They had a bunch of vegetarian stuff which was amazing! Then we went onto the cutest cafe for Afternoon Tea....glorious cake and matcha latte...I was so happy!'s some photos from the day trip of dreams!!!

Love and Tea Leaves
Emma xxxx

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