Friday, 8 June 2012

ARTE TV & NARC Magazine...

Hello Hello!!!
Just a quick one with a couple of bits and pieces then it's time for tea!!! As I mentioned I recently showcased my stuff as part of NE1's Newcastle Fashion Week as part of their action packed programme of events, shows and other joys highlighting design talent in the North East! Pieces from my collection, 'Colourful Creatures are Often Poisonous' shot by the wonderful photographer, Yuji Watanabe, in Japan were featured in an article all about NE1's Newcastle Fashion Week in NARC Magazine...There it is above...
In other news some of my work was also featured in the recent London edition of the series 'Tracks' produced by French/German TV station, ARTE.... queue the slightly fuzzy pictures courtesy of my screen-grabbing digitzzz below!!!
Right....that's all for now!!!! Catch you laterzzzz!!!!
Love and Sparkles,

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