Friday 10 August 2012

Weaving and Updates!!!

Hellooo!!! Ooopps so it's been a while....I've been tucked away working on a couple of cheeky projects which has basically taken up alllll my time, hence my lack of updating my blog... thought I would share this picture from one of the side projects that I worked on during my position as artist in residence in beautiful Maribor, Slovenia....
A main feature of the concept  of my collection 'The Hives of Lepi Spomini' was the idea of physically utilising both the aesthetics and actual space of my environment in Maribor. '16th Century Wall Weaver' was a developmental installation that I carried out within the gallery space with the aim of progressing this exercise into a final garment. During my time working on the programme I was based in the studio in the Koroski 18 Gallery, a 16th century built building in the heart of the city. The concept was to physically embrace the space by turning the archways into a board loom and using fabrics produced in the local textile industry to create a woven garment that was both showcased at the 'Call Me Human Torch' exhibition and as part of the photography collaboration with Iris Aman Cara. 
Post residency I have been continuing developing the project and taking the collection further from my documentation and research carried out in Slovenia. I have since designed a piece of graphic artwork which has been digitally printed on fabric here in the UK featuring aspects of all things Lepi Spominiiiii! The project will be used as part of a collaboration with a creative team in London next week which I'm super excited about!!! I will be shooting with the wonderfully talented photographer, Yuji Watanabe, who I had the pleasure of working with whilst I was based in Japan!!!weeee exciting!
In other exciting news.....I shall be launching my online shop in the upcoming weeks which will run via my website...I will be gradually adding more pieces over the next few months ranging from ready to wear items, one off pieces and occassional wearable art garments from recent projects and collections....Coming up pronto is the London Skyline dress featured at the 'Fish and Chips Twice, Please?!' exhibition in Vienna aswell as spotted on popstar Cher Lloyd on ITV's the 'Xtra Factor' and not to forget worn by the awesome Alexis Knox on Swedish 'Mi Lajki' TV....Also in the mix are items featuring the brand new digital print from my recent collection that I just mentioned and other watch this space for updates on that!!!!!
Ok, so it's back to the old sewing machine- sequins and rhinestones galore today!!!
Love and Sparkles,

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