Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Sakura and Starfish!!!

I was SUPER excited to discover that virtually overnight a lot of the Sakura blossoms have opened! I've been waiting weeks for this and as it's been mega cold and Spring has taken it's time to arrive I was worried I would end up missing the cherry blossom season!!! So this week the skies are amazingly blue and the roads and rice fields are lined with pretty pink flowers!!! Such a massive change from when I first arrived in the countryside and it was bitterly cold, rainy and unbearably windy!
 One of the themes of my projects here in South Korea looks at the transition between seasons, so I'm so happy that I managed to get to see the country during this time of year! The whole town looks really different and it's such a contrast to all of the grey and brown that I've been seeing for weeks!!!
In other news I've been mainly working on wrapping up all of the sewing of the new wearable art collection that I'm developing whilst here as once I return to the city it's going to be a hardcore month in terms of the project and the collaborations that I have planned... so a few more sleepless nights on the cards I reckon!
As the weather has been nice it means I've had more of a chance to go on adventures....the beaches are especially spectacular in the sunshine....I also found a tonne of starfish....amazing colourful, HUGE ones! Actually the place is pretty much deserted a lot of the time so I probably saw more starfish than humans!!!! There have also been a couple of midnight ice cream quests which involved roaming around the countryside with a torch! Anyway, back to the sewing!!!!!!!!!!
Love and sparkles,
Emma xxx

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