Friday, 26 April 2013

Village Toy Shops and Rainbow Houses!!!

Oooooh Hiya!!!!
I'm super excited as I've discovered a few colourful treats throughout the past few days~which makes a change from all the nature/ end of winter colours that I usually see on a daily basis in the Korean countryside!!! Earlier in the week a fellow artist in residence, Paris, from Incheon Art Platform arrived here in the wilderness and he will now be also working from the studio, so it's nice to have someone other than myself to gossip with...and the really exciting news is that he brought me CHEDDAR CHEESE from the city so I'm overjoyed and looking forward to making a nice sarnie!!!!
For weeks I have walked past what appears to be the most amazing toy shop in the World.... the downside is I have never seen it open even once....UNTIL LAST NIGHT!!!!
There are no words to say how excited I was!!!!!!!! The owners also live in the shop so they were sitting there eating dinner and watching didn't seem they were expecting any customers, so they swooped into action when we rocked in!!!!
This place was a total dreamland for me....cute stationary, stickers, treasures and amazing toys galore!!! It was like Aladdin's cave, packed to the rafters with all number of joys!!!...everything was stacked high and there were some really random one off items...most things were covered with dust and looked like they had been sitting there for kind of reminded me of those seaside shops back in the 80's full of hula hoops, foil windmills and cardboard boxes instead of lino on the was the BEST TOYSHOP EVER!!!!! It's been over a month since I've been able to do any proper shopping so obviously I got over excited! All of this jaunting around in rural Korea means that the extent of my shopping options usually stretch to a couple of teeny tiny village grocery stores to buy the likes of tofu and beansprouts.... so finding a shop that sells items other than food was awesome!!! 
During our adventures last night we spotted a few guys painting some walls white....didn't think anything of imagine when we discovered tonight that a bunch of houses around town have been turned into magical rainbows literally overnight!!! Ahhhhhh this was so amazing....the place is super bright and colourful and it just looks so lovely!!!! I've been obsessed with painted houses ever since I found the wonderful ones when I went to Wolmi Island a few weeks ago, so I'm super happy to have found some in the middle of rural world as I LOVE the idea of this!!!
Ok, so I'll show you a few photos.... then it's off to bed for me!!!
Love and Sparkles,
Emma xxx

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